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is an Award Winning browser extension for the Thunderbird, Postbox and Spicebird email clients.

Utilizing the Mozilla Gecko engine, ThunderBrowse provides instant access to your favorite websites quickly, safely, and easily.

Need Help?

If you need help with ThunderBrowse, first check the ThunderBrowse faqs by going here. Most of the commonly asked questions are answered there, so check before sending an email or starting some new forum topic somewhere.

There are several ways to request for help, and you can choose. However, only choose ONE method of contact. If you do more, your quality of service will likely be low.

  1. Reply on the ThunderBrowse thread found here at MozillaZine
  2. Ask Google Groups (you won't get an official reply, but the people over there are pretty smart)
  3. Email support at support@thunderbrowse.com. Only email ThunderBrowse questions only.

Have a suggestion/general comment?

If you have some sort of feature suggestion or you just want to send comments about how much you love ThunderBrowse, you can email general@thunderbrowse.com. However, emailing this address for feature requests WILL NOT guarantee your request will be added to a future version of ThunderBrowse. If you want to report a bug, read on for instructions on how to do so.

Want to include ThunderBrowse in your media?

If you are a publisher of a magazine or some sort of subscription print media, and want to cover ThunderBrowse in an upcoming issue or distribute it on a CD/DVD, please contact GameSpotting! Networks here. Normally, we approve most requests and will require a copy of such media to be sent to us for free.

Found a bug?

If you are absolutely certain you found a bug (one that is not stated in the faq, not on the blog or on the mozillazine topic) then you can email bugs@thunderbrowse.com and your bug will be looked into. Any support requests sent here will be discarded. Please don't email or file about bugs already covered in the FAQ. You can also file the bug with the bug reporting system.