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is an Award Winning browser extension for the Thunderbird, Postbox and Spicebird email clients.

Utilizing the Mozilla Gecko engine, ThunderBrowse provides instant access to your favorite websites quickly, safely, and easily.

Support ThunderBrowse development!

ThunderBrowse is a freeware project done in the spare time of one college student. This is not a contracted job, no one is paying me for any work on ThunderBrowse. ThunderBrowse is currently supported from the money in my wallet. If you appriciate the work that has gone into ThunderBrowse or you want to help me finacially, feel free to donate via one of these two simple ways:


To donate, click on the Paypal button that matches your local currency (if it's not listed, contact me). You will be taken to a Paypal page where you can enter the amount you want to donate:


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