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is an Award Winning browser extension for the Thunderbird, Postbox and Spicebird email clients.

Utilizing the Mozilla Gecko engine, ThunderBrowse provides instant access to your favorite websites quickly, safely, and easily.


ThunderBrowse Box

ThunderBrowse is available for Thunderbird logoThunderbird versions 1.5 and up, Postbox logoPostbox versions 1.0b13+ and for Spicebird logoSpicebird 0.8 and up. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems that can run Thunderbird, Spicebird or Postbox can run ThunderBrowse.

ThunderBrowse supports English, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, German, Bulgarian, Slovak, Danish, Brazilian, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Estonian, Japanese, Romanian and Spanish languages. Translations are provided by users of BabelZilla.

Install ThunderBrowse version 3.81 now.

Optional Addons for ThunderBrowse

CS Lite

If you would like to manage cookies created while browsing in ThunderBrowse, you should install the CS Lite extension from Software Blaze. Click here to go install CS Lite.

Command Line Handler

If you want to use ThunderBrowse as your Default Browser, install this to allow ThunderBrowse to take urls from the command line. See how to use it here. Click here to install GameSpotting! Networks' Command Line Handler.

Copy Link Name for Thunderbird

If you loved Copy Link Name for Firefox, then you will adore the same functionality within Thunderbird. This extension allows you to copy the link name or linked image name in a webpage. Click here to install GameSpotting! Networks' Copy Link Name for Thunderbird.


If you use View<Text Size to make the text on webpages look bigger, you might want to install TBZoom. TBZoom makes View<Text Size work with ThunderBrowse. Click here to install GameSpotting! Networks' TBZoom.

Simple Search-For Extension

If you often find yourself needing to look something up or are curious about something that you read/saw/heard in an email, you can do it even faster with this extension. SSFE allows you to simply select a word and search it with the search engine of your choice. The extension by default sends queries to the external browser but can be configured so that searches open in ThunderBrowse. Click here to install Olive's Simple Search-For Extension for Thunderbird.


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c|Net 5 star Editor's Rating

Softpedia Clean award

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