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is an Award Winning browser extension for the Thunderbird, Postbox and Spicebird email clients.

Utilizing the Mozilla Gecko engine, ThunderBrowse provides instant access to your favorite websites quickly, safely, and easily.

What people are saying about ThunderBrowse:

"Today, I chanced upon ThunderBrowse extension and I installed it. I just love it. It made my messages and browsing easy. I could recall the good old days of Netscape when a single click could instantly switch between browser and messaging. That is the entire spirit of extensions."


"I figured I'd point this out to everyone since it's an AWESOME extension and adds the one feature of Thunderbird I've always wanted: replying to LJ notifications."

-Matt Schraeder

"Outside of Thunderbird's RSS management capabilities, this is by far the best part of my Thunderbird experience."

"One of my favorite Postbox-compatible plugins is ThunderBrowse, which allows you to view web pages directly in the application, without having to switch over to your browser of choice: great for digging in and really trying to conquer your inbox during a marathon session."

"ThunderBrowse is absolutely useful when you do not feel like open the browser for some link you're not sure about, or simply seems totally uninteresting. And after all, it's very comfortable to use it, works perfect, no side-effect for Thunderbird, looks clean, user-friendly designed, embeds the browser very fast instead of the message field. This is what I call a real add-on."

-Gothica Designs

"This is such a good extension that it should be bundled as standard in the next release of Thunderbird. You'll save both RAM and productivity reading links within it rather than outside of it."

-Nicholas Mead, editor at insideTonic on ThunderBrowse

"For the more simple kind of email-link-browsing it is so much faster than everything else I have tried [and] that is hard to beleive!!!"

"This extension is amazing. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and it's easy to understand all the settings. I can read my emails and read sites like the NY Times that require logins and cookies and follow up on my RSS/Atom feeds - all in Thunderbird. Everyone at our community center is using this now. It's particularly useful for computers that don't have much memory to spare - no need to run two apps to read emails and browse sites."


"Excellent extension! You do not realise how useful this is until you have tried it, so much faster than having to launch a separate browser application. Recommended to all."
-Jonathan Gregory

"ThunderBrowse is a Mozilla Thunderbird plug-in that gives you a feature you didn't know you were missing. Once you get it, though, it's all over--e-mailing without it is so much slower."
-Seth Rosenblatt (editor for download.com)


c|Net 5 star Editor's Rating

Softpedia Clean award

8/10 - Outstanding

4/5 stars from Computer Active

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Recommended addon at AMO

Extension of the Month of October at GeckoZone

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