So long ThunderBrowse!

Hey everyone.

It’s been years since my last update. I used to develop ThunderBrowse in my spare time when I was in middle/high school, which seems like forever ago. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I’m officially ending the project. Unfortunately, I no longer use Thunderbird, which lead to waning development a few years back before ceasing completely.

The website still goes on, and will likely stay for maybe another year or so. If you still use ThunderBrowse and it works well enough for you, you can continue using it, but be aware there are no new updates, and if something breaks with a newer version of Thunderbird, I won’t fix it. I’ll admit the code is fairly basic, and doesn’t hold up well (I was young and made a lot of mistakes, ha), so the likeliness of something breaking is fairly high.

I really appreciate everyone’s support and help over the years, especially when I needed it most. Thanks to everyone who pointed out bugs and helped contribute to the project. Additional thanks to the folks over at Babelzilla for their help with translations as well. I’d also like to thank the AMO moderators for helping along as well as awarding ThunderBrowse with an editor’s choice placement. Cheers to anyone who helped out with code or submitted potential fixes, really appreciate that. This thank you also extends to anyone else I forgot (I know there are likely many).

This statement officially ends support for ThunderBrowse (even though it has been years). Ads will be turned off, and donations will be rejected. The start page will redirect to if you still use the TB start page. I’d fix the entry on AMO but I don’t have a way of getting into my account.

Thank you all for using ThunderBrowse.