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The status of TBZoom, TB Properties, and TBExtInt

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Your face when you saw this post.Heads up.

TBZoom will be fading out soon. With it, I will also be removing TB Properties. And before you grab onto your nearest email client to write to me, hear me out first.

Though don’t freak out when you hear me say “removed” in this post*, I mean it will no longer appear on the download page on You can still download it here, but I offer no support for it.


TBZoom did a great job. It was supposed to allow the zoom manager from TB2 work for ThunderBrowse tabs, and it did so perfectly.

However, in 3.2.8, I added support for the TB3 zoom manager (in TB3 tabs). Because of this, TBZoom really isn’t needed as much as it was before. This doesn’t mean I’ll be removing it completely, it does mean that I will be removing it from update cycles. TBZoom will not be updated anymore because it doesn’t really need to be. It’s legacy software for Thunderbird 1.5-2.0.

TB Properties

* This one will completely die.

Now, with that aside, I will be stopping TB Properties support, remove it from AMO, delete its entry from the download page here and leave it only downloadable via the GS! Networks Project page. Why? Because MOST of the software on that page is BETA\ALPHA\EXPERIMENTAL.

I also don’t use TB Properties. And it’s more likely that if I’m not using it, I probably won’t be updating it. Several people have informed me that it broke their context menus on Thunderbird 3 when they tried to use it. Do note, that TB Properties is not supported for Thunderbird 3, and I take no responsibility for the fact some of you modified the code and the software stopped working. TB Properties had a moderate run, but it’s really just a sloppy hack.


In addition, I will not be supporting TBExtInt. You might have realized this already. I’m going to make this official by saying that TBExtInt will not be further developed. It too was a rush job and does not reflect the quality of software that I normally strive for. It was an experiment and it’s results were mixed. I wished for better but I didn’t get what I thought I would.

In the end, TBExtInt became more of a burden than a solution. I learned a bit from it, I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot of work on it.

TB Noscript

A side note on Noscript, as I mentioned when I first wrote it, I won’t be continuing it. It was for fun to play around with some settings. By no means did I mean to make it a legitimate product. It was a small side project. As such, I was surprised when a lot of people downloaded it. I really wish that the real NoScript worked in Thunderbird, but I doubt that will ever happen.

TB Noscript 0.1

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

So many people asked for this, I just went ahead and made it. It’s Noscript for Thunderbird. And it’s nothing close to the Firefox version. So don’t assume it’s going to be incredibly awesome. That’s all advanced stuff that I’m not adding for free.

Since I’m not going to be personally using it, I have no interest to keep it going. Though I would probably work on it if people asked and donated (maybe).

What this does: If a website isn’t listed in the list (a space seperated list of domains found in javascript.allow.onpages), ThunderBrowse won’t run Javascript on it. To add a website, just add the domain only (ex: and ThunderBrowse will run javascript on,,, etc.

What it doesn’t do: Easy adding to whitelist, no statusbar stuff, no pretty images, allow js for mail, global allow js quickly.

What it’s never going to do: Run scripts individually, so that if I’m on this page, and there are scripts to run from, I can’t allow the scripts only from to run and not the ones on

This only works with version 3.2.1, it won’t even boot if you install in anything that is lower than that version. The reason is because of the function needed is broken in and below.

As with TBZoom, you can’t redistribute this. You can link to this category for updates.

To install TB Noscript, click here while in ThunderBrowse.

Announcing TB Noscript

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Back at the lab, TB Noscript has been coded, and is complete of the first and so far only version (it’s for advanced users only, and is not going to be supported).

Why don’t I just release it now? Because it requires ThunderBrowse version 3.2.1 or higher to function.