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Thunderbird 5 Support

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Okay, so tonight I opened up Thunderbird 5. It looks nice. I got ThunderBrowse mostly working. The downside is that the status bar randomly freaks out and I haven’t figured out why exactly that happens.

New Software: ThunderBrowse Command Line Handler

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

This is just a program I’ve had lying around on my hard drive for awhile and I thought I would release it.

Several people wanted to have ThunderBrowse as their default browser. This addon allows ThunderBrowse to take urls from the command line. You still need to modify some registry values to make ThunderBrowse the default browser, but this is the first step.

How to use

The format to pass urls to ThunderBrowse is:

Thunderbird.exe -tbrowse URL

Where URL is the url to browse to.

What it does

If a Thunderbird window is open, a new ThunderBrowse tab will be created via this method. If no Thunderbird window is open, a ThunderBrowse window will be created.

The addon should support all applications that ThunderBrowse supports (Thunderbird, Postbox, Spicebird).

As with pretty much all other projects, you can’t redistribute this. You can link to this category for updates.

Click here in ThunderBrowse to download the ThunderBrowse CommandLine Handler

Announcing ThunderBrowse 3.3.2!

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

ThunderBrowse 3.3.2 is a compatibility fix/addition build.

Here’s what has changed:

  • TB3 tabs support in Spicebird
  • Postbox Express support (yes, Pro and Express are much much much different)
  • Homepage urls are now fixed (before they were broken, now they format correctly)
  • Fixed uninstaller for Postbox
  • Small other fixes.

Announcing ThunderBrowse 3.3.1

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

ThunderBrowse 3.3.1 adds additional fixes that did not make it into ThunderBrowse 3.3. These bug fixes apply mostly to Thunderbird 2 builds.


  • Fixed issue with external protocols not enabling the launcher
  • Fixed settings window size issues in Thunderbird 2
  • Fixed settings window load issues on non-Thunderbird builds
  • Hid the tab settings page for applications that don’t support it
  • Updated locales that did not receive updates
  • Fixed the left click new tab feature
  • Fixed POST forms sending unchecked checkbox data.

I’ve uploaded the new version to AMO as a beta so you can get the new version now while 3.3.1 is under review. You can get the new version here:


ThunderBrowse 3.3 Released!

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

ThunderBrowse 3.3 is released on AMO! You can get it here: