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Version 3.2.7 released!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Version 3.2.7/Tabs build is now available on AMO.

3.2.7 uploaded to AMO

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

I almost want to put it through another round of testing before I release but having used it for quite awhile, I think I already squashed all the bugs.

Anyways, I am uploading 3.2.7 to AMO. 3.2.7 has been uploaded to AMO.

Some Updates

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Alright, so here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. I’m planning on uploading 3.2.7 tomorrow. Most locales are complete, and those that aren’t, well then you get to have English strings as well until they are finished.
  2. Some of you were worried that the left click improvements will apply all the time. It does not. The new filter is only for the Open Left Click Links in a New Tab setting.
  3. I haven’t checked the bug tracker in awhile.
  4. Stop filing support requests into the bug tracker.
  5. If you recently sent me a support email, I probably haven’t gotten around to answering it.
  6. I got myself too many games during the Steam sale. Most of them were because I was interested in the game mechanics (helps out with school work on Game Design [I go to a video game college, mind you]). Others were ones I wanted to pick up because I wanted them for awhile. Then the rest were because the game was really cheap (like under $3 dollars).
  7. I’ve been playing Mass Effect. I beat it almost 100% complete in about 24 hours. I went on to finish almost all (except for a few scavenger ones) sidequests in about 11 hours.
  8. t-rane updated his Office 2007 Black theme to support ThunderBrowse. Very cool. I haven’t gotten to use it yet, but it looks really nice.
  9. I’ve updated all urlbar images used in ThunderBrowse to display the image via CSS. This means if you are a theme designer, you can now change the images for the urlbar easily.
  10. I think you guys will love the new update.

Yes, I did have a good Christmas, and I really appreciate the nice people that donated to me near the end of last month. If you were one of those people, I sincerely thank you for doing so. Props to you.

Real happy for you.

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Here are some pictures of the next version. Hit the jump for more screenshot action. These really do not show how awesome this new version is. If you tried ThunderBrowse before and were not very happy about how it handled tabs, you are gonna love this version.


New Tab System/3.2.7 FINAL

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

New Tab System

I’ve been upgrading the New Tab System for awhile now. The biggest thing is removing the hook to the main messagepane. What it will do is essentially make ThunderBrowse only work within ThunderBrowse’s TB3 tabs but no other tabs.

This is basically the options you’ll get:

  • TB2 like tabs
  • TB3 tabs with a urlbar in the messagepane
  • TB3 tabs with no urlbar in the messagepane or in emails.

These options make up a new tab in the settings window called “Tabs”, where you’ll be able to make a decision on which tab system you want to use.

Releases (3.2.7)

This next version will also probably be the first version with TB3 Tabs to release on AMO. That’s right, I’m going to push the new tabs build to AMO (after some more fixes).

Left Click Worries go bye bye

The other thing I’m improving is open links in new tab feature. I’m going to add some sort of domain check that will filter links that are not from the same domain into other domains. If a URL link is not from the same website you are currently on, it will open in a new tab.

For example:

You have some search results. The search results have a link to wikipedia. The wikipedia link will open in a new tab because it’s not Back on, you click for the next page of results. That page is hosted on The url opens in the same tab.

Everything in a list

This is what has changed since the last version:

  • Fixed RSS Header links
  • Improved Left click handling
  • TB3 tab systems and loads of tab handling improvement
  • Bug fixes from when last updating ThunderBrowse to TB3
  • Getting ready to push the TB3 tabs build as a release rather than a beta
  • Fixed gloda search results not displaying the message body
  • New settings window stuff
  • Easy styling support that allows themers to add support for ThunderBrowse in their theme.
  • Replaced the New Tab icon to one that looks way better
  • Added Postbox Support

When does it come out?

The new version has a bunch of strings that are going to need to be translated, so the new version won’t be out until the locales have been completed (or when I drop the hammer on localization and release it as is).

While this is being translated, I plan to try to add support for Postbox into this new build. The tabs build has been going with no Postbox support and I want to try to add it before 3.2.7 releases.

3.2.7 will have support for Postbox (however, it cannot use TB3 tabs).