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Monday, January 18th, 2010 fixes a bug on Thunderbird 2 builds where the settings tabs would get unsynced. It is non-critical to Thunderbird 3 users.

ThunderBrowse 3.2.8 Released

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

ThunderBrowse 3.2.8 has just been released on AMO, expect to see the update pushed to your version soon! 😀

3.2.8 Changes

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I pulled and reuploaded 3.2.8 several times, each time with a new bug fix or small feature. In addition to the fixes I mentioned in previous posts, 3.2.8 will also include:

  1. Updated Japanese, Russian, and Estonian locales
  2. Support for Indonesian locales again
  3. Browser hooking into contentTabs. This means ThunderBrowse will show up on contentTabs. There is a setting you can change in about:config to turn this feature off (extensions.tbrowse.contentTabs). It will appear in the settings window for 3.2.9
  4. TB3 Tab improvements. Specifically, ThunderBrowse TB3 tabs can print, zoom, and find in document (we used to have support for these but Mozilla changed the format of the arguments)
  5. Fixed the undefined title bug. When you create new tabs, you will see a Loading.. appear for the tab title.
  6. Added Session Saving and Restore (I have yet to notice any significant memory increase with this feature).
  7. Few small improvements and fixes to things like the API.

Uploaded 3.2.8 to AMO

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I just uploaded 3.2.8 to AMO. It should solve a lot of the problems you may have had with 3.2.7.


Announcing 3.2.8

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

3.2.7 was quite a version!

It works great, however there are a couple of bugs that need to be resolved. These bugs are currently known in 3.2.7; if you do not see your problem in this list, that means I don’t know about it and you need to send a message to Do not file bug reports on the following issues.

These are the issues currently known:

  1. The setting “Left click opens new tabs” does not work. It is FIXED in 3.2.8. We didn’t change your settings, it’s just some new code wasn’t able to read links when this option was enabled.
  2. Emails don’t display. One person mentioned this (but provided no valid way for support to contact them). IF YOU HAVE THIS PROBLEM, please contact support with your problem.
  3. POST requests and META redirects do not work. This is FIXED in 3.2.8.
  4. Options are stretched. This is a bug with Thunderbird 2 rendering more than one <description> element. I’m trying to work out a solution, but because this bug is a Gecko rendering fault it might take awhile to find a solution. This is FIXED in 3.2.8.

I want to get these bugs completely fixed before I release 3.2.8. Expect to see it soon. Other than that, 3.2.7 has no known severe bugs.