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is an Award Winning browser extension for the Thunderbird, Postbox and Spicebird email clients.

Utilizing the Mozilla Gecko engine, ThunderBrowse provides instant access to your favorite websites quickly, safely, and easily.

What is ThunderBrowse?

ThunderBrowse is a Mozilla recommended addon that provides browsing features for Thunderbird and Postbox. With ThunderBrowse you can browse almost any website on the internet. Did a friend send you a link? Simply click the link and ThunderBrowse will load the page instantly right within Thunderbird, without the need to open another application. If you don't want to surf on a page in ThunderBrowse you can easily right click and choose "Visit in Browser" and have the page launch in the system default browser or the browser of your choice.

If you want to view information about the newest Pixar movie, you can do that too.


It works like a regular web browser. The main toolbar contains back, forward, refresh buttons and an address bar.


But it has a lot more then just that. ThunderBrowse is jam packed with features and other things to make browsing in ThunderBrowse easier. Wanna look something up on google really quickly? Simply type in google and what you are searching for and ThunderBrowse will bring up the results for you.

ThunderBrowse Custom Shortcuts

You can even customize and create your own shortcuts so you can make commonly typed urls a breeze to visit.

And like IE and Firefox, ThunderBrowse features an autosuggestion system that suggests websites you have already visited.

Fox example, I want to find that second page of my results on Ratatouille, I can simply type in Ratatouille (as seen in the screenshot below):


And just like that I am shown all the pages that I have visited that had to do with Ratatouille, and I can go to the page that I previously viewed.

You can also browse inside of mail message windows, and through a popup window. Plus, you can tweak how ThunderBrowse works to your liking via the included settings window:


With these options you can modify a variety of ThunderBrowse's features to your choosing. You can even have ThunderBrowse redirect all links to an external browser by default!

ThunderBrowse even adds a status bar icon for quick toggling of link capturing and if you right click the icon, you'll get a quick menu with common commands!

And there's much much more! ThunderBrowse comes with a list of all the commands that the address bar supports. To view this list you can simply type in 'about:commands'. So go check it out, you might just love it!